Our actions


We have implemented various measures to ensure our presence and involvement in the community. A number of actions have been taken to establish ongoing and effective dialogue with the population and to promote project acceptability.
The main actions we have taken are:

  • Appoint a Head of community relations
  • Open a permanent office in Port-Menier
  • Join a committee made up of residents, businesses, and local organizations, Centre de vigilance et d'information sur les enjeux pétroliers à Anticosti (CVIEPA)
  • Establish a local round table bringing together outfitters, Sépaq, residents, the municipality, and Ministère de l'énergie et des Ressources naturelles to foster harmonious relations between the industry and the hunting community and establish mitigation measures
  • Develop a plan to harmonize exploration work with the community, including the following concrete measures:
    • Maintain the quality of natural landscapes
    • Adapt work to reduce impacts on deer habitat and commercial hunting and fishing
    • Maintain a 50 m visual protection strip along the roads transversal to the Transanticostienne
  • Produce information pamphlets
  • Hold public information meetings